What’s the point in starting a lower league career mode?!

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So when you wanting to do a lower league campaign and you wanna try and sign some young players on loan or buy with real faces they won’t relocate or just reject you… I’m not being funny but if a loan offer comes in from Atleast a league 1 team for a 17/18 year old rating 60-65 they will decline or just reject like what’s the point🤷🏻‍♂️


  • aninojr_90
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    Yep. But what I notice is if you complete the first season and start the next, on free agents list you could find some auto generated diamonds. It helps if you have good scouting that can scout players within 7days. Can pick up a auto gen 17-19 yo with high rankings that match like Ronaldo or Messi. No need for transfer money, just pay wages.
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    Lots of good real face players to buy. Loans are a trickier affair. They just gotta be below 70 and not play in a too fancy league. But like Championship is fine.
  • L4r14m
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    Well OK maybe not lots. But some! 😅
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