bug fix, please

A bug what i can't see my card design.

Bug that the team does not bring in when entering online(FUT).


  • I 've got the same sittuation, card background disapeared
  • Here is in the same situation too. Since the game has been released, and we paid for it, please fix this bug.
  • I'm in the same situation.
  • Yep, been over a week and still none of the FUT player cards are showing properly.
  • @EA_Andy @EA_Rtas @EA_Lanna @EA_Roger @EA_DarDar , this has been reported in so many different places and hasn't had a response?
  • ChappellRovers
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    I hate to say it maybe you haven’t played Nintendo Switch FUT before. But it is a really bad idea to complain about this.

    It has happened before and their solution previously has been to remove all promo players from concepts (capping their max prices at their bases max price), remove all future promotions to “stop” the problem re occuring and not to fix the issue anyway. They give us literally zero support and they prefer to put no effort in so the moment they get complaints all it means is we will get no content in the future -> so the problem won’t re occur -> so they won’t get complaints. They are literally that much of a joke. All they are interested in is money and the Nintendo Switch version doesnt make them enough to even remotely care. I am still waiting for replies on complaints I made about Fifa 20 and Fifa 21!! For example the broken leaderboards we have were literally carried over from 21 and there were a ton of complaints about that on day 1 of Fifa 21. They still haven’t done anything about it over a year later.

    Just let it go and let them ignore you, do yourself a favour and stop getting stressed about it as they will never fix it, all that will be the result of complaints is no content at all.

    If its the Asian server issues with the cards having a block white background behind them then I sympathise. They should fix it.
  • This is now fixed, finally!

    Switch version has been updated to version 1.0.2, and the FUT player cards are now displaying properly
  • Since the last update, In FUT online season, the screen freezes during the opponent matchup screen. The only option is to turn the game off, which causes a DNF. This has occurred 4 times in my last 10 matches, so it is more than a glitch, and has cost a serious loss of coins.

    This is making FUT online season unplayable.

    Please provide any solutions and consider a bonus to players experiencing this issue.
  • I have a problem with the automatic simulation in the manager career.
    Before matches, I set a line-up, with no injured or tired players. after When it started simulating my line-up it totally changed automatically.
    Could someone explain to me why it happens or could you give me the solution to the problem?
  • I have no rewards showing after completing an online gold tournament.
  • evanovic
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    have this fut21 same error today

    get the birthday card, but it's empty card and can't assign to club
    anyone encounter?
  • Bug dans Saisons, à la fin de chaque rencontre, erreur survenue, mes stats ne sont pas pris en compte, comment y remédier. Merci
  • lolita
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    i'm a afraid that i have the same problem any help please
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