Why are there so many bugs..

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I don't think it's meaningful to write anymore. It's just annoying.

There was a garbage bug that turned off the game as soon as it started after the patch.

There has also been a bug in which all colors become black and white, with no peer identification for mini-radars.

Face-on does not come in after the patch.

AI is still trash, and I don't know why invitations are only allies.

Eight seconds before the start, I still have no right not to start when I am left alone.

So, if I do alt+tap to come out of the waiting room, my screen stops as it is.

There are so many bugs that I didn't say.

I don't even know why bugs that weren't in 21 are created.

The direction of the roving through pass's cursor has also been downgraded more than 21.

What is better than 21 in the world?

Why did I buy this game for $60?

Everything is full of questions.
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