Is there a patch related to the matching system?

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Addressed the following issues:
After completing a Club Friendly match, the visual overlay detailing the amount of XP earned was not appearing. This is a visual only issue, players were still earning XP.

This issue is listed on the EA SPORTS FIFA Tracker:
Custom Tactics presets were not always being correctly applied during Drop In matches.
When playing a Practice Match, the match could have ended prematurely if the CPU AI made tactical changes.
The ball trail was not always visible for player controlled goalkeepers.
Some equippable celebrations were incorrectly named.
When customizing AI teammates, the Known As field was not being saved.
Threat indicators were sometimes not displaying during gameplay.
The Drop In lobby did not display the active voice chat speaker.
When customizing your Virtual Pro, the Commentary Name UI could display incorrectly.
Custom kits could incorrectly appear as completely black during gameplay.
The Brentford Community Stadium was unintentionally made selectable when customizing the Club.
This issue is listed on the EA SPORTS FIFA Tracker:
Players could not back out of a match search after rapidly readying up multiple times.
The Match Performance UI element was overlapping with the Mystery Ball UI element during matches.
A stability issue could occur on the Club Customization screen.


Where is the most important drop-in matching system mentioned?


Developers, you want me to keep doing this?


It makes me speechless.

I lost.

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