Build a team around Mbappe or CR7?

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I know it's not the most original take but who would you build your team around? Or is there anyone more effective for the price? Will have around 1 million extra to build around. I already have KDB


  • Agent Murhawk
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    Ronaldo is purely just a luxury goal scorer this year, don't expect him to carry a team like past fifa's
  • Double_D
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    I packed CR7 on like day 2 or something. I’m not a great player but not terrible. It has taken me until just about yesterday to really get a handle on him. I really didn’t like him at first. I think the key to him is that he can receive the ball and get into a scoring position better than anyone else I’ve used. You just have to get used to him. Mbappe I’ve only used in friendlies but he felt as expected. Don’t think you can go wrong with him.
  • killer xavi
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    Mbappe is a god
  • Darthsinvadet
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    Mbappe is brilliant
  • Humma78
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    Mbappe it is then. May try a hybrid with ligue 1 and La liga
  • murazorr
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    Mbappe > every card right now
  • Kieren1888
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    Get the real goat...

    Messi is game breaking.
  • Tsarov
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    Hard to say it, but unfortunately Mbappe > Cristiano in case of in game performance.

    If you would like pure nostalgia and love CR7 then selection is very obvious - use Cristiano.
  • Dukesy16
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    Ronaldo has 27 goals in 8 games. Absolutely unreal
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