How to get packs on switch

At start, sorry for my English. Ok, im a Old fifa Player. I like playing FUT but From where I can get same packs in FUT on switch? Only by playing Draft? How can I make SBC when I dont have any Players in my Club. I dont want to Pay for fifa points. I was playing on ps4 and there where division or squad battles weekly challenges from where u can get packs. Here. Seasons online, no packs. Tournaments no packs.
Is there any part of fut on switch for what u can get packs?


  • When you start up Ultimate Team you will get a starter pack with some players. Then as you complete the 15 Manager Tasks (simple things like play game, change formation, apply a consumable etc) you will earn some more. You can also play a bronze or silver cup tournament to get a pack (one time per cup). And as you mention, can do SBC also.
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