How to get packs on switch

At start, sorry for my English. Ok, im a Old fifa Player. I like playing FUT but From where I can get same packs in FUT on switch? Only by playing Draft? How can I make SBC when I dont have any Players in my Club. I dont want to Pay for fifa points. I was playing on ps4 and there where division or squad battles weekly challenges from where u can get packs. Here. Seasons online, no packs. Tournaments no packs.
Is there any part of fut on switch for what u can get packs?


  • When you start up Ultimate Team you will get a starter pack with some players. Then as you complete the 15 Manager Tasks (simple things like play game, change formation, apply a consumable etc) you will earn some more. You can also play a bronze or silver cup tournament to get a pack (one time per cup). And as you mention, can do SBC also.
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    I have exactly the same concern. It is true that you get starter packs and tasks packs, but other than these it seems like it is not possible to get packs playing Divisions on Nintendo Switch edition. This absolutely makes no sense. I realised that it's possible to get packs only playing some tournaments but it's still nothing compare to other platforms and the game became boring. Do you guys know if at least we can get packs by winning Division 1 on Single Player mode?
  • Ok
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    so easy to make packs ;)
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