How much do you think OTW Ramos will be?

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regular card going for around 15K, Griezmann's NIF was going for 10K and his OTW atm is like 160K

most teams using a PSG hybrid are using Kimpembe or Marquinhos over Ramos but do you think he'll also be 150K+?


  • Wurrsmycash
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    Ramos' regular car has been unbelievable for me alongside Alaba or Chielini (truth that pace isn't everything this year)

    Hoping his card will be an SBC so we can finally get some increase on the dusty fodder in everyone's transfer lists
  • FlyingOkapis
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    Not sure how worth it his OTW will be, he rarely plays at the moment.
  • Moose Factory
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    I’m also hoping they drop an SBC of him. It makes sense because they need something big and I’m hoping we see it today.
  • Neyney_my_baby
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    If he’s released into packs on Friday then 90-100k, if on Sunday then twice that
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