It is a game to experience bullying.

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This is not a sports game.

This is a game that bothers one person 5:1.

In a drop-in match, anyone can be the perpetrator.

Even if a team of a small number of users scores a goal, the ceremony is skipped.

It is almost impossible to win a minority team.

The development team should play a hell of a drop-in match.

Development team, enjoy this crazy game between you guys.

I'll laugh and talk from the side.

Even in beta experience, it is natural to be criticized for this, but what is the idea of ea that has released its official release like this?

I can't understand it with my head.

I can't help but wonder if it's because ea doesn't have a rival.


  • RobRokk
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    Monopoly does this...
  • BookaJunior
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    Do you care about team work scoring pretty goals, or are you one of those finesse shot boys who wants to run around like you won the world cup to boost your ego?
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