Is there a point to celebrating when doing objectives

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Get your goal, change players hoping for a cross or whatever, opponent gets the ball, on you go mate don't need to win, celebrates every goal.


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    Celebrates only goes for like 3 seconds, mate. It is a football game after all
  • IraqBruin
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    Change the settings to watching your team, pretend nothing happened and laugh it off.
  • broxigaz
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    Oh no you got me wrong guys, in a game if your beating me fairs fair celebrate, but if I am trying to cross for an objective that's all I am doing with a team I don't use, do you pair hide in there because you know that.
  • what3v3r
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    Is there a point celebrating a goal in a virtual game we've all been playing for years and have seen all the animations? Not for me, but each to their own.
  • NattoPatrol
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    So unnecessary the amount of sadistic people who play this game, they just have no perspective
  • Nodge86
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    Yes, there is.
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