Player feels like they letting me down

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I have issue with a player and getting the same message every 2 game days

"I feel like I'm letting you down, boss. Feel like I'm letting the boys down too. This is really frustrating time for me. I want to be back to my best as soon as possible."

I have tried all 3 responses to this and still get the message, been happening since he went away on international duty and also complained about not getting picked for League game (whilst playing for Wales🤦‍♂️)

Anyone else encountered it and know how to stop it happening? Its not a huge issue as at mo its not affecting his morale or my rating, just annoying having to answer it all the time. Dunno whether I should drop him for another game or 2 and see if that does anything, just he's one of my better players and bad enough I lose him international weeks


  • Just to update i put player up on loan, couldn't add to transfer list as just signed him. Got message saying he wasn't happy here blah blah and happy about loan move. I accepted a loan to buy deal cause couldn't be bothered in having him back, but since the deal has been done I've been getting that same message start up again. I'm into December now so won't be much longer, have stopped replying just to see if it'll go away but hasn't and if I answer it comes back after 2 calendar days
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