Fifa 22 series s/x proclubs team join us.

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We are a team that played since 2013.
We now started playing on xbox next gen version Fifa 22 (not The Xbox one version) and are looking for players.
We have played Competitive but we play mostly casual.
The team name is TEAM XP you are welcome to join just send us a request.

Best regards
XP Solid


  • I play lb friend plays attacker if you need players
  • I wanna join lads been playing it since came out and ready to play pro club now
  • Are you still seeking players?
    I used to be competitive, then quit fifa completely. Started again this year and just looking for something casual to drop in or out of.
    Happy to play any position these days, just keep me away from st 😂😂😂
  • If you need a club Add me on Xbox: Leslieferrao
    I just created a club with my friend and we recruiting any position
  • Purpz
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    Hey if you didn't get much luck here, check out

    The LARGEST pro clubs community out there!
  • Any decent players to join mu club we need a 3 player as we are in division 2 cm cm or a defender thanks
  • Ira
    2 posts Ball Boy
    looking for defenders for a competitive tournament
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