How is it possible to have this team?

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Ok so ten hour trial and 4 days early access taken into account (and also the fact there could be a loan or two in their) how is it possible after less than a week too have these players in your team in a Rivals match?

Donnaeumma 89
Varane 86
Kante 90
Fernandes 88
Mbappe 91
Messi 93
Neymar Jr 91
Ronaldo 91

Yes I understand facing these god squad are inevitable, I faced enough of them last year but, short of sleeping with an EA exec, what are the actual mechanics of getting that team in less than a week?

Illegal coin market? Something else?

Always wondered this.


  • greif44
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    Maybe someone just spent a couple grand on FP? People do that
  • tworaf
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    lots of fifa points or lots of luck or a mixture of the two. I already played teams with 5 icons in rivals div 8-7.

    People drop thousands and more on this game, Ea make 1.8billion from fifa pack sales last yeae so no one should be surprised by seeing god squads.

    I know lots of people who buy fp weekly but never admit to it and just saying they trading or getting lucky in sbc.
  • rmoxon
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    It’s possible he packed a big icon or somthing…. But it’s more likely he got the team by more dodgy means.
  • JGDC74
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    Or maybe someone at EA selling cards for real money again? We never did find out what happened to them.
  • I SiR MartY I
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    They dropped money on the game.

    Some people drop thousands on FIFA points each year, some from day 1 to have the best squad available and keep ahead of the curve all year round.
  • Dutch3723
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    I played someone yesterday who had four icons including base Gullit and four hero cards alongside CR7. Messaged him after the game and he admitted spending a fortune on the game already whilst also getting lucky and packing mid r9.
  • Estipan
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    I found the same and i won 4-0. Meanwhile struggling to make a pass other games.
  • liuus86
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    well an italian famous youtuber/pro player spent 4-5k in coins during the 10 hours and had mbappe neymar and ronaldo in a few hours..
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