Of all the issues Fifa 21 had - Some how they have managed to make it worse Now that's impressive.

The visuals look like Fifa 95.
Its still a pace spam trickster sweat fest.
Passes still don't go where you aim when you have a clear opportunity.
PSG ????
Players still cant follow instruction's (stay central, forward, back etc etc.)

The only thing they appear to have done anything about is the keepers who now all appear to be a Donurumma on steriods.

Complete farce. I really wanted efootball to be good so I wouldnt have to buy this crap but that's even worse so looks like we are stuck with the same rehashed rubbish for the fourth year in a row.


  • oh and what's the point of playing seasons when every pathetic F**cker just wants to pace spam and do stupid tricks yet another trash attempt by the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ software house that is EA sports.
  • Tricks? I find it near impossible to do skill moves on 22 ps5 where as it was a doddle in 21 pc
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