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Are the development teams fully aware of the existing problems?

What I've felt since FIFA 20 is that the development teams seem to be trying to extend several patches to the next series. Despite the patches that should have been done immediately..There are even a lot of things that can't be fixed all year round.

There are still many bugs and inconveniences that I have felt in the drop-in match since FIFA 20.Some of them even got worse. This is such a mysterious thing. I've never been to a forum before. Because I expected the development team to exchange feedback on its own or accept someone's feedback on the forum.. But not anymore. I was fooled again this time.

I wonder if they have really enjoyed the drop-in match, not just for testing purposes.

They don't seem to accept our feedback or exchange feedback on their own.

Or, for any reason, they have not tried the drop-in match directly, so they cannot grasp the flow of the ecosystem that exists.

Whether this is intentional or not, it is questionable whether they are really accepting our feedback. Because they seem indifferent to the response in the forum.

We are curious about the official answer to the important feedback and the ongoing matters. It's okay if the patch is late.. But again, we just want to confirm that the development teams are aware of our feedback. Then we can at least be relieved. Then we can trust again.
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