drop ins, finding a game very buggy and mic always on? (PC)

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The quality of life in pro clubs drop-in is ABYSMAL :s

It searches for a game for a long time and just hangs, without even returning "No opponents found" or letting you cancel the search. Sometimes it puts you in a lobby of people as the host, then there's a prompt to ready, but again it just hangs at searching and you're stuck listening to people and have to reboot the game.

Am I the only one having this issue? I'm lucky to get into 2 games an hour at the moment.

Otherwise the mic thing is really annoying too, it uses my mic input even if I disable voice chat in my FIFA 22 game settings. There's no way for me to mute my mic at all. I have to unplug it and then I can't talk to my friends in discord?


  • naan
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    ok so after facing the issues I mentioned above and some others:
    - the game switching to keyboard mode seemingly at random and not detecting the controller in pro clubs
    - the kits clashing in pro clubs even when the captain selected a non clashing set

    I've just cancelled my pro play sub :disappointed:

    Hope the team sorts out the issues so the rest of the players can get some decent games in !
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