Looking for Club(PC)

2 posts Ball Boy
Just looking for a club. Could be serious, could be relaxed, could be a bit of both. No preference.
Overall: 81(Played very little in EA Access)
Position: CAM(Can play anywhere needed bar in net).
Language: English

Gamertag: Mxrdo

Just needing to find people to play with cause ive got no mates.

Msg me if youre interested in adopting me n that. Nice one cheers.


  • Hello mate Mitchy375 is me, I've jsut added you. hit me up if you want to make a club for leveling up.
  • Carnigall67
    22 posts Last Pick at the Park
    I'am available when needed for Fifa 22 on PC
    I play midfield (CM or CMV)
    Overall: 82 (just started with Fifa 22); had overall 89 at Fifa 21
    Gamertag Klaas67

    Language: English, Dutch and German
  • Hey!

    I'm looking for a club too. I play all roles except defensive ones. I'm not selfish and have vision.
    I'm from Slovenia. I've sent you a friend request. Add me: Madobromakaj
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