Speed Up Lag Is Back

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Yes I play on wifi for the time being at least. Before today 0 speed up lag. Now with the influx of everyone get speed up lag all the time. Same thing with FIFA 21. Now I get no speed up lag in FIFA 21 because hardly anyone plays it.

TLDR: speed up lag is because of the god awful servers, not because your Wifi is bad! Though of course on wired the problem doesn't exist.


  • David12344
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    Mate I’m getting it on wired now it’s strange.

    I’ve not had it for years 😂 but last few days lots.
  • Rsscllghn
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    I'm wired and I've had it since the start of 22. Ping is worse today than it has been.
  • Fifapayne
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    Speed up lag is your internet connection
  • Johnny_reb
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    Fifapayne wrote: »
    Speed up lag is your internet connection

    Speed up lag is your internet connection..That's not an echo, I'm just saying Speed up lag is Fifapayne's internet connection. Not the rest of us. But, while you're picking up your check from EA today, tell Buck I said thanks for the fix.
  • Mmandras
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    Yeah. It's just like peer to peer few seasons back. But it's extremly rare so far. Overall connection is not so bad.
  • IraqBruin
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    I got slow motion and speed up lag even in squad battles now, I am on wired fiber optic connection.
  • killer xavi
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    Yup I get the same speed up lag out of no where. Rarely had it in anything previous to this FIFA
  • Double_D
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    I had it like 10 times per game even though I'm on probably the best wifi connection I've ever had and never experienced it before. Weird thing is I have 2 Ps5's and the one right next to the main router is the one with issues. The one on the other side of the house is totally fine. In any case, I bit the bullet and ran ethernet. Actually the best decision I've made in years. Online plays like squad battles as far as smoothness goes.
  • Ballerson
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    IraqBruin wrote: »
    I got slow motion and speed up lag even in squad battles now, I am on wired fiber optic connection.

    I wrote about this last week. It happened during the trial & at first I thought it was a new way for ea to amplify 5050 situations by slowing the action down, but nope its gotta be a flaw in their coding and communications w servers and centers and back to consoles. It happens online for several sequences when both players are executing moves in 5050 situations and I have zero control — most I can do is power up whatever move I am making and then just watch the game do its very flawed thing….I’ve conceded so many goals because of this… I have fiber & 1 Gig download speed…. This is a new slomo glitch unique to 22 & it’s totally different from wifi lag
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