I can't thank you again!

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Another "new" Fifa game! Expected and / or not !? The game comes in the fall, like migratory birds! Someone hopes it would be better than last year. But this has not been the case for many years. And it doesn’t bother gamers, it’s fun to make money from scratch !!
I wonder is it a shame not to put their name and their faces on social media? One form of stupidity is self-indulgence!
I thought Fifa 21 game couldn't get any worse
to do, but yes these boys and girls can do it too: =). Well yeah, I’m not surprised to know its history.
This is here, cursing wasted money!


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    But then I bet in a lot of cases it isn't their own money. Their has been cases of kids spending Mums/Dads credit card on fut so buying the game isn't a huge stretch of the imagination.
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