The problem is the player training system from the beginning.

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Currently, there is a fatal bug about skill points. Aside from this, the nurturing system itself is a problem.

FIFA is not an RPG game. Experience? Lv system? We don't need anything like that. Development teams, please get rid of your obsession here.

The experience system triggers these.

1. It creates a difference in ability between the first and latecomers. Latecomers have no choice but to feel painful while working with high-skilled firstcomers .This system doesn't matter if the two don't compete like the rpg game, but it's unreasonable because it's a game that competes on FIFA.

2. Urge labor without any pride to obtain the skills you want. Obviously, this is not fun, but labor. You can't feel the fun of raising it at all. It's just a factor that makes you more and more tired.

Just give all the skill points to everyone from the beginning. Give everyone an equal amount of ability. Then all the problems are solved.

The real fun is not this kind of nurturing system. Make sure you do this only in career mode. We will not be disappointed or bored without such a system.. We pursue that everyone on the field has the same capabilities and skill points and is equally charged on an equal level. True differences in skills occur only when all of these basic things are in place.

But it can never be achieved. As long as there's a freaking nurturing system
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