I hope the drop-in match will be made possible until 7:7.

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If you are going to initialize or reinforce the drop-in match system with your previous work, I hope you can make it up to 7:7 or 8:8. In some cases, not all people gather, but there are times when there are many people, and 5:5 is relatively easy at this time. I've played countless drop-in matches, and I know a lot of people want to play with more people than 5:5. I hope you take this into account seriously. It is natural that the drop-in match system becomes a fairly good content if reinforced well.


  • Zoador
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    It's impossible to play 5 x 5 in pro clubs, only if you have friends already on your list, if you don't have anyone who has FIFA 22 you will only find 1 x 5 or 1 x 3 matches, that is, you will always play alone. EA do the simple come back with the FIFA 21 Lobby which is less bad.
  • plzea
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    @Zoador I miss the FIFA 21 lobby, too. After returning to the lobby of 21, I hope to increase the number of people a little more. The current matching system is fundamentally a problem.
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