There's a cancel bug.

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(This symptom is like a bug that only professional clubs and drop-in matches have.
Because this symptom does not appear in other modes.)

(Click this link for more information.)

I don't know if this is a bug, but I press the LT+RT button right away to cancel immediately after starting the body fake, but the body fake goes out twice in a row and is often canceled after that.

This symptom occurs frequently and makes it impossible to control the ball properly.

I hope that motion cancellation will take place after only one body fake, as in other modes.

This symptom occurs equally in the practice room. Try it.

In addition to this, when attempting cancellation a shot cancel and a peint and exit cancel, the player's body often suddenly protrudes forward. This seems to be common in all modes.

So canceling the dribble can be scary. You don't know when this symptom will appear. This symptom seems to occur with a 30% probability. It occurs even if there is enough stamina, so it cannot be predicted. It's definitely not a problem with Stemina.

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