Second Tier of champs

Air Diddy
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Personally would really like it if EA would give us regular not great at Fifa a way of competing in WL

Similar to champs v Europa leagues

Maybe keep the 1500pt system but through qualifying there were two makers

Tier 1, Champs League
Tier 2, ❤️❤️❤️❤️ at Fifa League (i don't know lol)

Tier two less rewards maybe cap the PP and make the card Blue instead

No idea tbh just throwing it out their as I know id appreciate a competitive league at a lesser skill level


  • Robertjames86
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    I think it's a great idea mate. Although we might have the problem were the good players deliberately enter the competition for the not so guys like you and I. My experience of this community is they will always go for the easier option like we seen with all the self relegating on rivals.
  • David12344
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    I want the glory and don’t want no second rate cards like some conference Europa league.

    Dream big my friend.
  • JRD
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    I like the idea but you’ll have the same old problems

    The players who enter it would want the same or very similar rewards to the main competition because they’re getting the same amount of wins etc

    The players in the main competition would want the rank 1 rewards in the secondary to be less than bottom rank in the main competition because otherwise SBMM will be gifting worse players better rewards

    Go for option 1 and people will manipulate their way into it, go for option 2 and the players it’s aimed at will see it as an insult. Both sides have a point but you can’t please both
  • I was thinking about this last night and agree it would be a good idea.

    Winning 5/9 in the qualifiers takes you into the A comp, if you don't make the grade then drop into the B comp. Make the rewards for the lowest finish in A significantly better than highest finish then B. Everyone gets to play and there would be no point going to the lower comp on purpose.
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