When will there be real change to fifa career mode????

Having recently played career mode in fifa 22, I can actually say nothing has really changed apart little cinematic clips here and there. Fifa really need to take a look at this as it just become a passenger mode being over looked, when you compare madden career mode or 2k the basketball career there’s so much more to it, as a career mode player I’m not asking for much just adjustments that actually make us feel like we are playing a managerial game. It just seems so boring and predictable which unfair for those who just wanna enjoy career mode.


  • EA doesn't care about Career Mode, because they haven't found a way to earn more money of it. In Fifa 21 we saw very little improvements and bugs like spagetti arms were not fixed. Fifa 22 is the same game with only minor tweaks, and it still has spagetti arms on the youth players and now the old Fifa 19 or 20 bug where players would switch places in defence has reappeared. I'm so glad I only took one month on EA Play Pro, and even though it is sad to say goodbye to a game I have played since 1993, I can't continue to support this company.
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