Free Game Code Raffle--XBOX--2pm EST / 7pm UK Time Sept 29th

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Hey All!!
****Raffle for a Gamecode!!!!****

So - the pleasant folks at EA sent me over an extra code by mistake. So I asked if I could offer it to someone in my main thread on the forums and they said that'd be fine! I'll do the raffle at 2pm EST (7pm UK Time).

So, I know a few of you didn't get the game yet. Send me a DM and I'll do a raffle later today. If only one person reaches out, you'll get the code, haha.

***Disclaimer*** I need to recognize you or if I don't someone from the XBOX forum must vouch for you that you're a regular.

Also, I don't know how to test the code to make sure it works - I did plug it into the store and it said "Click Next to claim your something". So I think its good.
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