EA appear to have messed up The Offside rule

Posting this here as well as for some reason can't post in General Fifa so posted this in FUT and Career Mode

So i have had a few instances tonight and remembered to record some of them. Personally i feel all these decisions are wrong, but 2 of them i may be wrong on

Anyways here goes

This is one which i maybe wrong on. I score in this one and the goal is given, i think irl it would've been ruled out, but also this one isn't the main issue thought I'd share it still


In this next one you can clearly see my player is offside when i attempt the pass, however at no point does the ball go anywhere near him yet offside is given against


Next one is another I am not 100% sure on, i feel its wrong. I have corner played short obviously if i pass back to them they offside, but i played the ball back and it hit defender before going back to offside player. Without looking up exact rules, i assumed this would be onside


Here again same issue as 2nd video



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