Boost dribbling and passing and nerf second man press and GK its absurd

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My impressions so far ( I have been elite player last few seasons even did 30:0 last year)

-Shooting is horrendouns in one on one situation with keeper staying at GOAL. You get Mbappe with passes and he cant score from 3 meters near post.
-Passes are extremely inaccurate and easily intercepted since second man press is godlike . Mess and Neymar cant find each other from 3 yards out
-Because of people holding second man press you have almost zero second to do anything when you get the ball near the penalty area ur only shot is counter attack..
-Players feel extremely slow on the ball and extremely fast and agile off the ball
-Skills moves are useless you can beat with iniesta flick etc but the player will be so slow leaving the skill move defender or second man press will easily take hte ball back
-Did I mention how holding second man press and good switches and if you play balanced you cant concede?
- Since Balanced is the new drop back and people are second man pressing like there is no tomorrow very hard to get a shot without getting blocked.

P.S I dont see problem with long range finesse. I have scored one and have conceded zero.. Players are so clunky so unless you sit back nobody can get a shot outside the box without getting blocked


  • SydneyFC
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    that's not second man press helping your opponent, that's the AI holding his hand...
  • graff26lfc
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    Your right let's not change the game it was easy enough as it was, we don't want difficulty
  • Toshevv
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    SydneyFC wrote: »
    that's not second man press helping your opponent, that's the AI holding his hand...

    Nah its both... Its ridicilous especially if he fast switching its like swarm on my players
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