[Drop-in match] AI is such an idiot.

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Why is the AI of drop-in matches still stupid?

There are too many cases where they do not pass at the time to pass and do not shoot even when they have to shoot.

I think artificial intelligence should be raised more than it is now.


It is so disappointing that AI`s ability is still fixed at 80.
If a.i is stupid, can't we fully imagine what will happen when our capabilities exceed 85?
It's too easy to beat AI just by taking a picture of the speed.

I think a system that can average the abilities of users in the game room and adjust the capabilities of AI should be introduced each time.

That way, the game will be fun in the end.

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  • Some times the AI does surprise me when something great happens but yeah, I agree 100% with this. Especially when you pass to AI and then they pass it back to you in a spot surrounded by the opposing team. Like… why?
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    @ManFace19 AI still seems to have many defects. I've been doing it since FIFA 20, but FIFA 22 seems to be especially worse.
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