I really miss the FIFA 21 [drop-in match] interface...

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(It's based on PC platform FIFA.)

Now, if there are not many people, a 1:1 match is automatically played even if you don't want to play 1:1, and you're not free from it. No one will want to play 1:1 in the drop-in match. And this does not create a situation where you have to wait to play a game with multiple people, and it causes the room to be continuously divided into several rooms.
This system is often played without an accurate numerical balance, such as 3:3 and 4:4, and this is also out of control. We are forced to do 1:1 or 1:3 situations by the system, and this is one of the decisive factors that halve the fun of drop-in matches.

I'm satisfied with that if you add everyone's position in the waiting room on the fifa21 interface so that we can see it.

The current drop-in match random matching system is the worst, and I'm sure it'll be difficult to expect good results in the future.


  • This matchmaking is joke.
    Lots of 1VS1 or unbalanced MM with long waiting time.
    Also unable to play in different position against current VP build. (example: play CAM with CDM build)

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