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Please fix the matchmaking in seasons next gen !!! We cant play with 3-4 stars teams because is always vs a 5 stars teams not fair !! This happen in fifa 21 and 22 only next gen !!!! Fix it please EA !!!


  • yasendi
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    Agree. It is ok to game not found instead of matching 3 star to 5 star team
  • Brydobhoy88
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    I dont think the matchmaking is broken.
    Theyve made it open matchmaking because theres only around 5-6k people playing seasons at any one time because alot of people are still on ps4.

    They dont understand how annoying it is when your constantly against 5 star teams. Psg psg psg psg psg psg psg when you just want to relax with some lesser teams. Theu think people want to find opponents quicker rather than waiting but tbh id rather search for a 3.5 star team and wait.

    I go all sorts of different teams on seasons and that fifa 21 & 22 now I can because of this.
  • its the same on ps4 though psg psg psg man u psg psg spg spg
  • If I used PSG & won I wouldn’t get any gratification
  • I used psg to see if it was all in my head. Played the same way and won by 4 goals. The forwards have a feel like the LT is always on and its so damn easy to side step , RT and see ya later. I scored a goal with a defender that was faster then most forwards. I felt dirty after...forgiveness please
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