Terrible game

This is by far the worst football game i have ever played never mind the worst fifa i have played.


  • djeaze41
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    I totally agree on that.
  • blue166
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    edited December 2021
    Something is definitely not right with this game this year.

    For starters how EA has not changed the balance of defence to attack is beyond me. It's easier to sit back and take it then ping one ball down the middle to your fastest player, through on goal... Score.

    Yet if you play lovely build up play they just sit in there auto blocking you ... Rinse and repeat.

    Surely half the time they cream it out of defence up the field the defence should mostly collect it and let you build up a new attack. Not reward them with a through on goal scenario.
  • SBaggio59
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    They just don't have the ability and the inclination to make a game that works properly. Maybe they're not motivated either. This game is completely unstable.

    There are way too many constraints, failures and inconsistencies in this gameplay, yes it is horrible.
  • djeaze41
    22 posts Last Pick at the Park
    The game is absolutely bad!
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