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Anyone use Hagi at Striker?

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Ok so Ive got Gullit at CAM and Brian up top. Haven't been able to find that other legend striker to click with them. Tried Lineker, Crespo, Owen , and Larsson none of them are doing it for me. I got 300k left. Should I try Hagi up top? Or maybe Switch Gullit to ST and Hagi CAM?


  • WaCoug615
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    If you go Hagi I'd take your last statement and move Ruud up all the way. Hagi is so much better when he's in the pocket than taking fire out on the front line in my experience. People have used him out there with success and having Gullit at ST is not my druthers, but he's darned good there if it doesn't hamstring your midfield defensively ...
  • TNeves95
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    I didn't had enough for Gullit, so didn't used him, but I had Hagi at CAM with Brian up top and struggled to find someone to be that man (and I used a lot of them).

    The guy who got the job was the one I wasn't expecting at all: Vieri.

    So underrated in this game, he's not that sluggish, he's fairly fast, very strong and finishes EVERYTHING for me.
  • Legends.1878
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    Shevchenko is an animal his shots should come with a :warning:
  • advis1
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    I use him as a single striker and he plays better there than at CAM for me. Not sure how he would play in a two striker form though.
  • ManyakFC
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    i use gullit and brian up top, monsters, use gullit as the left striker, his left foot is insane finishes everything for me, and place hagi at CAM longshots galore, best LS taker along with TOTS naingolan for me
  • game101
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    Im running Gullit up top and he's honestly a nightmare for my opponent. Hagi is suited to cam and gullit on this game is perfect for strike.

    Push Gullit up top and enjoy him :)
  • alexanderk26
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    Welp! Looks like I'm moving Ruud to striker and Hagi CAM. Thanks guys
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