The Official FIFA Trade Tracker

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The Official FIFA Trade Tracker

Google Sheet: Public - FIFA 22 Trade Tracker

When you open the file, click File, Make a Copy. This is how you keep a copy for yourself to use.

Please @ me in this thread if you have any questions about the Trade Tracker!

Of Note:
  • Summer Transfers may not be reflected (only database available was from FIFA 21). You can manually adjust the team/league in the Player Database Tab.
  • Instructions have been added explaining most of the columns/cells in the spreadsheet.

****New and Improved****

The Player Database and Trade Tracker now allow you to track trades by their specific promo card type.

By choosing IF, NIF, TIF, UCL, etc . . . in Column B on the Trade Tracker tab, you can then choose the type of card in the Player Database to see the Sale Statistics specific to the card type!
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