Top leagues this year?

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Here's my top, with explanations:
1. Premier league - Year after year PL is the league to be in Fifa. This year it will be even more so with the return of CR7 and Lukaku, and Varane's arrival.
2. Ligue 1 - With PSG arguably becoming the modern times Galacticos, it's easy to see them in second place if not first if you're not a PL fan. Funnily enough (or not) this league is no longer in top 5 FIFA RL ratings.
3. Seria A - With CR7 and Lukaku gone, it's a neck to neck fight with Bundesliga. The only reason I'm getting them in 3rd place is they have loads of the European winners + Lautaro Martinez.
4. Bundesliga - They have some solid players, good for the start of the game, but they don't seem to produce too many metas by the end of the game
5. La Liga - Not too many reasons to get excited about this league anymore, for me personally. I haven't really used their players last year, and don't see myself anywhere near them this year either. Except maybe if their prices go way bellow Serie A.

What do you guys think? Am I crazy? How does your top look like?


  • Since1875
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    La liga for me, as always. Although usually end up with a hybrid after some time. Hopefully La liga will be super cheap now at the beginning.
  • lewspaz
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    Serie a for me, love the look of mkhitaryan, ilicic, chiesa plus they've got some great heroes. Defenders look top notch too and all at an affordable price I'm guessing
  • Raketenbohne95
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    I agree with your ranking.
    I just decided to go with Serie A this year. I work fulltime and dont buy fifa points so I wont have enough coins for Top Players of Premier League/PSG and I really like the Serie A players on every position (except maybe RB/RWB)

    I can build squads out of serie a gold players that get me really excited but not of Bundesliga and LaLiga gold players. They're either too slow or dont have enough weak foot stars.
  • GeorgeGervin
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    I’m just going to rhyme my choice with whatever I pack and roll on. All the leagues look good in their own way. Will be fun to try something different.
  • Lemmings999
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    Liga Nos seems good for a decent first few weeks squad
  • TDOF
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    La liga may as well be called "Fodder league"

    I don't see over 5 usable players in that league
  • Seeleyjs17
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    Better off chasing a full nation squad
  • lewspaz
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    TDOF wrote: »
    La liga may as well be called "Fodder league"

    I don't see over 5 usable players in that league

    yeah agree, Llorente looks fantastic but not many other players after him
  • aceofknaves73
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    For the first time ever, im going prem. i was la liga from 09 until 18 - onwards serie A. But now i just feel prem is where its at.
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