Moments Cantona or 99 Firmino

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Sold Cruyff as used the 85x10 to complete his SBC so now have 900k coins left.

Done hundreds of 85x10 and never packed Firmino but so many say he's a fraud card.

So, which would you buy? Cantona still useable or just go buy Firmino?


  • broxigaz
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    I liked him, played him at cam behind tots ronny and futties dybala, only sold him to try tots mbappe. Firmino that is.
  • greif44
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    KurzBobby wrote: »
    So, which would you buy? Cantona still useable or just go buy Firmino?
    Cantona played 16 games and scored 31 goals in this WL, paired up with MU CR7. If you were hoping for a juiced Zlatan in this FIFA, imo it's best card that can replace him.

    Have Firmino too, he's ok but honestly not very special. Use him mostly as a sub now.
  • BlackFridayRule
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    Haven't tried firmino... But i really dont like cantona... At least not as a striker
  • Danielb
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    Get Firmino I packed him and I now play him upfront with CR7 in my BPL team Deadly duo. I'm shocked anyone calls him a fraud card.
  • Mogga
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    Been using different teams with packed players.

    Firmino made the good list. I liked him. When used I played him in a 2 with richarlison
  • KurzBobby
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    OK, bought Cantona and used him for around 10 games, and was pretty disappointed. Tried him from CM to St and he just felt really heavy and slow, and was a post magnet when he shot. Guess I just prefer agile players and sadly he's not for me. Managed a small profit in selling him and waiting for Firmino to pop up under 700k.

    On another note the Maradona I crafted from the 87x10 was a belter of a card, so good, a real surprise!!
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