does this sound familiar to anyone?

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"Mass Effect 5: Bioware Reportedly Considering Moving Back to Unreal Engine"

"The game launched to mixed reviews and many felt it lacked the brilliance of its predecessors – not to mention came with some awkward animations and visual bugs that fans weren't used to. Whether a change in engine would provide the series with the lift that many fans will hope for remains to be seen. However, with Bioware reportedly considering its options carefully for Mass Effect 5, fans will feel optimistic about the series' future"

I still stand by my statement Frostbite is absolutely WOEFUL and not suited for 3rd person, sports, racing games. and only ONE devoloper has done it well and that's DICE

I honestly think if this year doesn't go to plan for EASports, they have to re-consider their engine.

Ignite imho was absolutely made for sports.


  • Jordonp
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    I only play mass effect for the story. Tbh never noticed any bugs.
  • joehuk
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    Jordonp wrote: »
    I only play mass effect for the story. Tbh never noticed any bugs.

    mass effect andromeda was shocking and poorly made on Frostbite, broken animations, Facial expression Bugs, Physics going loopy.

    most were probably fixed but I didn't stick around to play Andromeda. :lol:

    ME1,2,3 were really good and made on Unreal,

    and its no suprise BIoware are wanting to move back to Unreal, there's been alot of developers complaining about how difficult frostbite is to work with.
  • Diggy
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    Ignite versions of FIFA were my favourites
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