Attribute caps

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EA's guidance states that:
Each Attribute can be grown using Base Match XP or Bonus XP until it hits the Attribute cap. Once an Attribute has reached its cap, the only way to increase it further would be to obtain Traits, using Skill Points, as detailed later in this article.

How high an Attribute can grow from XP is determined by the Virtual Pro’s position, height, and weight. The Attributes and the limits they can grow to with XP are detailed in a spreadsheet, which you can access here.

Given that you can change your VP's position, height and weight freely, are you able to do that until all your attributes are maxed out for all positions?

For example, according to this, an ST's aggression cap is 75 but for a winger it's 70. Say I play as a winger now and my aggression is 70: if I grinded out enough games as an ST and raised it to 75 and then switched back to winger, would it stay as 75? Or would it revert to 70?
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