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I logged in this morning just before the maintenance and re-listed my transfers, checked them once I could log back in this afternoon and I've got a PTG Morata down as sold, with no bid price, and I can't clear it, re-list or remove it.
Any ideas?


  • Nktori
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    Same here. My transfer list is now clogged with this issue. Can't clear on console or app, they're all just stuck. Not entirely sure I got the coins either.

    Had several cards up at the same time and this only happened to around a quarter of them. Am able to relist the rest.
  • Flushdraw
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    I've had a Nakata that I bought in February stuck on my transfer list. EA don't care.
  • Captain_Emirate
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    The same day for server maintenance, I sold some bronze and silver cards for PL, as they are high priced. Still stuck ! New items can be removed but these are stuck in the transfer market with notification ! They didn't tell us not to buy or sell in that period. EA solve it quickly ..
  • Nktori
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    My items are still stuck. Would be nice to have access the funds or the cards to contribute towards CR7 SBC
  • All the contracts I had I listed and now I can’t access them so I can’t even play the game can I please get help
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