Too many games played/quit bug

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Was speeding through icon tokens yday with a friend

Had a couple of objectives left to get done, but the game kept booting me out,

If I quit the game I was booted out, if I scored 1st and the other person quit I would still get booted out

I’m guessing a level of games played or quit in a time frame was triggered, it’s been 10 hours and it’s still an issue on all game modes

Anyone know more details about when it resets, or if me trying to play a game extends it etc ?



  • I SiR MartY I
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    If you're on next gen, switch to the old gen version of FIFA or vice versa

    If you cant do that, take a break for a while and just stop trying, the more you keep at it, the longer it extends
  • Chavez76
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    did you already complete one full game (in SB or something) ?
    That used to help.. Or is it not possible to complete a game either
  • chiholam
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    It's not a bug, or appears not to be as it's quite consistent and appears to stop exactly what you (and most of us) have been doing in GGs. Had to play a full SB game, or actually stop playing for a while. 10 hours does seem overly long though.

    It does seem to extend as Sir Marty says - kind of like incorrect passwords on some websites. Either play a full SB, or come back tomorrow
  • MurkingFools
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    Thanks guys it’s cleared now

    Did a full game of sb then it boot me at the end

    Left it an hour then it worked again

  • chiholam
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    Cool - way to do it though is either play a full SB (or Friendlies) in the middle of a few of the quick quits. I found it got risky at about 8 or 9 quits.

    Or just take a break as soon as you get the first one. The gap would be shorter then.
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