Ideas for future fifa career modes.

One of the first ideas I recommended fifa too do is actually take time out and realise that there is a wholes offline community, who do not engage in online activities, which is why I believe, more should be done with career modes to ensure it’s not the same old repetitiveness we have been having all these years.

I would recommend fifa taking a look at fifa 2007 career mode and enhancing that the little things mattered and we were made to feel like real managers such as

Sponsorships: get the chance to pick your sponsors depending on your performance or what team you are.

Ticket price: getting the Option of increasing or decreasing your ticket price to increase revenue.

Improving the coaching staff: the more money you have the better coaches you buy the better results you get from training.

Improving grounds man: again the more money you have the more options you get of how you want your pitch layed once the pitch gets worn out during the season.

Board meetings: discussing up coming objectives or requesting more funds to sign players.(cut scenes)

Stadium expansion: so allowing existing teams to have stadium expansions during career mode mode to increase revenue or due too success fan popularity increases which means expansion is needed.

Scouting system: I like the current scouting system but I feel maybe it can be a bit more dramatic like maybe, the scout shows highlights of the player if the player scored or got man of the match, instead of just showing stats.

Overall I hope fifa have A big overhaul in career mode for the future as it has become overly repetitive and predictable. I sincerely hope a member of the fifa teams sees this and maybe get in contact with me so I can help create the best career mode as those who are currently working there aren't really doing the best job.


  • Steffolovitch
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    I agree with most of this. I believe the Stadium expansion is actually a thing in FIFA22, but only if you pick a team with a generic stadium. So you can't expand Old Trafford or St. James' Park, for instance. I also doubt that it would be possible to change sponsorships, as the real sponsors would probably not allow this.

    But I'm all aboard the idea to be able to spend money on staff etc. I like to keep a tight budget, monitoring my expenses with wages, not signing too expensively etc. So I just stack up tons of cash and would like to spend them elsewhere.
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