send last 2 88+ now or wait for TOTS/TOTY only?

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My club is pretty much mudded, Pre-season is no hype for me considering I'm finished on the PC and moving to Xbox for 22.

I have enough fodder/golds to do 2x88+ PP

send now or @ 6pm for TOTS/TOTY/FS (or anything else)


  • greif44
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    Great suggestion, mate. Did 3 of them, dumped useless players like Yarmolenko and Saudi/Super Lig TOTS that I'd never use, got 98 KDB after 3 attempts so I could sell tradeable one.

    Yeah I'd go for it.
  • joehuk
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    Sent two after 6pm

    All picks were tots..

    None worth over 50k :lol:
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