Ball dynamics

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So one of my biggest gripes about the game is ball dynamics, rebound goals, how the ball bounces back to offense off good tackles, the higher rated players the ball returns to their feet like a magnet — eas even previously described how they were improving the ball dynamics —

After playing way too many squad battles for swaps this cycle I noticed how defensive headers, 5050 balls, bad passes, tackles etc the ball 99% of the time goes directly to opponent, never to empty space, occasionally to my team — this game is coded for the ball not to go to empty space but always to a player…in squad battles wc or higher its coded for all not good passes 5050s, tackles, headers etc all to go to ai opp — not to empty space or to my players but to opp —

Maybe ea thinks this makes the game more playable but I disagree, it’s another example of lazy game making and poor coding — anyone else notice this and do you like it or detest it??


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    100% agree.

    The ball hardly goes out for throw ins and sometimes you see the ball curve back into play and/or slow down, instead of going out for a corner or throw in when at the baseline.
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