Does anything from FUT carry over if you switch console?

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Have been playing on Xbox One but just bought a PS5 and was wondering if anything carries over if you are still linked to the same EA Account for 22? Such as when the team was established and if any rewards like the preseason ones they did at the end of 20 for 21 would transfer.


  • Mogga
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    I believe it's start afresh mate. Enjoy that new club pack luck 👍
  • munchie63
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    This is an old website but I'm pretty certain it won't carry over from one system to another. IE Xbox to PS

    Cross-Platform carryover is not available in FIFA and FUT. For example, if you were playing FIFA 20 on Xbox and now you are switching to PlayStation 4 to start playing FIFA 20, your in-game items and data won’t be transferred to the new game even when you’re using the same email account on both platforms.
  • shepj6
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    I switched from pc to ps last year and it was a completely fresh start for me (using same ea account)
  • tvrfan
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    The good servers and gameplay
  • Hammer87
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    Thanks everyone! I had a feeling it probably wouldn't. Will gladly take the new club pack luck as it's been pretty shocking for me this year but more than happy for the servers and gameplay to stay where they are haha
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