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I think as a community we need to do more to get the career mode we want, we all know fifa looks at career mode as one of their last priorities hence why they have been able to get away with nonsense of previous career modes, we need to get the person who runs career mode to actually have a sit down with its fans so we can have a input of the next career modes. I am already seeing complaints about fifa 22 career mode and the game is not even out yet which lets me know that it’s probably the same old boring career mode with a few added features. I believe if the fifa career mode community rally’s around each other we will eventually get the career mode we are looking for.


  • bristolbob
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    FIFA 22 career mode = FIFA 21 career mode. Obviously you have create a club but once you get into the game it's the same old. There may well be tweaks to existing mechanics but nowt new as far as can tell. It's just the usual change in menu colours and the odd new cut scene - oooooo!
  • berniebigballs
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    Yes, the tediously dull sharpness training is still there, you can fiddle with a few things when starting up but otherwise its F21 again.

    One week of F22 career mode was as much as I could take.
  • bristolbob
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    Yes, the tediously dull sharpness training is still there, you can fiddle with a few things when starting up but otherwise its F21 again.

    One week of F22 career mode was as much as I could take.

    Yeah, the 'improvements' are definitely not worth the £70 or whatever it will be on PS5. Dont get me wrong, the gameplay seems a decent improvement, but if CM is basically untouched then i'll be giving it a miss this year.
  • Flipzflipz
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    Coach mode? Cpu vs cpu what’s the point on playing every game where’s the realism in that honestly
  • When are they gonna be able to let us manage & let the cpu play itself instead of the little simulation quick game. I've been waiting since 05 for Cpu Vs Cpu in Career, Leagues & Tournaments. It's Not that Hard EA
  • L4r14m
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    Improved gameplay plus the updated teams/players will keep me playing, I suppose. Conference league + some new grounds + maybe some new leagues + some new starheads all help a little. Personally, I actually like the useless sharpness training - which I skip. xD Keeps the game a little more balanced, it seems. All that said, it's still a little disappointing to learn that the mode hasn't improved much. There's so much potential there. And also just a lot of important basic features that should just be upgraded some: the transfer AI - smarter transfers, more realistic transfers (e.g., geography-wise), youth players (some graphics issues there, more traits, etc.), and so on.

    There are also some bug-ish issues that need to be fixed, really. Like the way that dynamic potential has worked. The youngsters now really easily lose their high potential. Perhaps more importantly, it's way too easy to get super high potential for players (especially strikers). The idea of dynamic potential is great, but the effects should be more limited, in my view. We shouldn't be able to turn pretty much any (decent) striker into a 98 OVR player, for example. Or at least we should be given options regarding this. Limiting the range of impact would seem to alleviate the problem both ways (no too drastic drop, no too drastic improvement).

    Another bug-ish thing, I think, has been the player ratings. For instance, it's been pretty much impossible to have good player ratings for wing-backs, even if they've player a really good game, providing an assist for a goal, etc.

    Basically, I suppose I'd just prefer a more challenging and a more realistic career experience. Realistic scores. Getting crushed when playing a crappy team against a superb one. Being compelled to rotate the squad. Having to take yellow and red cards into account in team selection. Earning a promotion with some shrewd transfer business and good playing. Being in the danger of being relegated thanks to a terrible luck on the injury front. And so on. Challenge and realism, is all.
  • ChrisW1991
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    I'd love a more in depth training system

    A voice for your manager for press conferences and interviews

    if a player has a concern they should come to your office like in negotiations but you can discuss it with the player in real time and we try and find a solution to their problem

    Pre-match, half time and post-match teams talks and it gives you options to choose of what to say (with a manage voice)

    Pre-Season board meetings to discuss season objectives and potentially choose which objectives to have if you don't agree with the board

    Unlimited season cap (current season total is only 15 seasons)

    Let us be able to edit the generic player faces so when players retire and we bring youth through, we can still make them look 'realistic'

    Get to set up your own pre-season schedule like in Football Manager
  • Just to clarify on FIFA 22, there’s still no option to play cpu v cpu in Career Mode? Meaning you can’t move the player icon to the middle?
  • Sorry, meant to say you can’t move the controller icon to the middle to allow cpu v cpu play in Career Mode?
  • This game...
  • Fifa new kit new ball
  • Issue noticed in career mode. The season went to the last match where I needed a win and so did Man City. We both won so technically i finished 2nd but the commentators said that I won the league and it showed the celebration minus the cup.
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