FIFA 22 Career mode

The things I would like in career mode to make it more engaging.

• Existing teams able to get a stadium expansion after a certain amount of success e.g Chelsea, man united arsenal.

• match day revenue being showed after the game which goes into your transfer budget, the option of increasing your match day tickets to maximise revenue

• the option to relay the grass as the season has gone on this option should be available every month with different designs and patterns

• more cut scenes of board meetings when doing well in the season or discussing up coming sponsorships.

• the idea of having your club bringing in new sponsorships every season or every 2 seasons which adds to your transfer budget or sponsorships can come with your success which makes you want to win the premier league even more.

• more cut scenes such as team talks before and after the game.

• news paper articles that fuel transfer rumours or when a player breaks a record, or is on form.

• articles if there is a star break out from the U21 squad e.g. Phil phoden at Manchester City

• press conference questions being asked about an upcoming transfer target.

• signing coaches to improve training the better the coach the points u get out of training.

• cut scenes of board meetings in regards to how well the team is doing or how bad.

• scouting the other team, so a team report on the other teams strengths and weaknesses should be sent before the game.

• commentators acknowledging continued success.

These are just a few ideas I think should be implemented within future career modes to make it more engaging and feel like an actual manager I will be posting more on the little features I think should be included.


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