Who should I play at RB?

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Building a team with these 3 players:

94 Atal
96 Llorente
98 Verratti

Two of them will play CM/CDM and 1 will go to RB.

Anybody tried those players and can give some input? Struggling to decide atm.

Considering Llorente because he only has 3/3, but then maybe Atal/Verratti isnt good enough defensively?


  • greif44
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    All 3 can play RB, Verratti is a bit subtle and Atal's attacking capabilities will be wasted there. I'd use Llorente. Having two 5/5 players in midfield is also beneficial
  • MurkingFools
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    I wouldn’t use verratti, playing vs him, my big boys tend to bully him, I’d say he is better in the middle when he can turn away from pressure and not boxed in.

    I’ve used atal as a wing back on attack but the in a 5 back formation and he was very good there
  • bobbyfischer
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    Llorente. Agile players are preferable on the offensive.
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