Suggestion to replace online friendlies

How about we just don't keep score online ?

I'd love to leave the sad sacks to it, but when player objectives ask you to play an online friendly. Someone has to say enough is enough with these snowflakes.

Yeah, I'm going to spend my spare time playing an online friendly. What is wrong with you people !


  • FutGuy
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    But it’s normally for a reward eg unlock player or icon swaps so they do need somewhere to put the objectives
  • SignpostSounder
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    I absolutely don't understand whether your problem is with other players, the friendly game mode, or EA.

    But "enough is enough with these snowflakes" is quite funny coming from somebody who is complaining about entirely optional online friendly matches.
  • abhreebhu_45
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    Silver lounge was so fun back in the days

    MMP with 77 rating was also a decent mode(although it was overused)
  • Andyh60
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    The most wrong thing about it is the word "friendly" but concept of it is probably best addition to 21.
  • FutsalBros0710
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    So as friendly mode is not okay for objective players...

    Want to have them in DR maybe?
    "oh nooo it is too sweaty there for objectives and that is competitive mode come on..."

    Okay then surely SB?
    "hell no that boring mode sucks"

    You want extra picks in themed WL?
    "what is wrong with you I want to use my main squad"

    Week without objectives player?
    "dead game"

    Some people these days would like to obtain objective players without even doing the objectives.
    Sure just let EA hand them over to you.
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