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Who is better - TOTS Varane or FOF Militao?


  • RangerCraig
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    Militao good for me, not used tots V but not keen on varane cards so far
  • JimNoShoes
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    I sold militao to buy varane and for me varane is quite a bit better. First time I have felt fairly solid defensively this weekend league. Eder is still very good and it may depend on the partner. I have ramos next to him and my cm s are small, so wanted that bigger player.
  • limjitwe
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    Varane is definitely better than Militao for me. But Militao is not far behind.
  • RangerCraig
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    Lol that's my opinion smashed ;)
  • Jdizzle
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    Lol that's my opinion smashed ;)

    I gotchu, militao is better.
  • Batman442
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    Varane us the best cb in the game
  • Captain_Emirate
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    edited July 2021
    has the most wanted trait for CBs and CDMs which is
    Dives into tackles AI
    and his body type in Unique with 2*3

    has better dribbling with +80 agility and balance which help you control the ball after tackling
    Has better curve in passing too
    His body type is High & Average+ With 2*2
    If he had the 5*5 upgrade
    will be insane !


    I prefer Varane
    Tried his 91 RTTF which is still usable
  • SteveieB123
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    Why not both? I've had Ramos and Varane then packed Militao. Ramos now moves to CDM in game (or you could three at the back)?
  • JWNYsg
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    I used Varane TOTS and TOTY Ramos. Was very good

    I used Ramos as cheaper than Militao and he did not disappoint me
  • Jordonp
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    Varane is OK however after 300 odd games now with his TOTS, and also playing alongside Ramos you’ll notice he does have deficiencies.

    His Stamina is the main one. Means you can play high tempo defending because Varane quickly depletes and starts to leave massing holes leading to you wishing for a full back instead.

    Secondly his jockying agility is nothing compared to Ramos and neither are his ability to chase down a loose ball and overall strength.

    He does have great tackling though and if you get used to him you can actually make tackles when you’re farther than usual from the attacking player. One YouTube comically calls him Inspector Gadget lol
  • Sujitsky123
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    99 stam on militao wins over varane
  • JimNoShoes
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    For me not sure why the stamina is an issue. I’ve been to extra time loads this weekend league and never noticed caramel being tired and his energy never dropped. I try to do all my defending manually so not sure if this is a factor? Don’t think 84 stamina matters on a cb, especially with M/H work rates as he never bombs forward!
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