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So if I have a team and everyone is on 10 player chemistry, then I go into a match, then during the match I bring on a sub, will he play on 10 chemistry even although he doesn't link to anybody?

I have a serie a/la liga/icon hybrid but got TOTY Lewandowski in a player pick. If I bring on substitute Lewandowski during a match will he play as if on 10 player chemistry or not?

I have been playing FUT for years and have never been able to figure this out :lol:


  • Yermawfc
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    6.25 for a sub
  • YidArmy
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    The sub will be on 5 chemistry.

    Whilst on your team page, push in the right stick on the player on your bench and it shows you they are on 5 chem and what boosts they get from the chem style applied.
  • bberger
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    Yermawfc wrote: »
    6.25 for a sub

    5 actually..

    that 6.25 number came from when we had no info on chemistry effects on attributes and what chem styles actually boosted by how much and people were just guessing based on some post some ex-community manager vaguely posted at some point..

    Good old times..
  • Fifapayne
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    5 click on the player it shows their chem
  • Selgarr
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    Thanks for the replies.

    So I will either have to add some Bundesliga players into my hybrid or have icons around Lewandowski if I want to get him on higher chemistry in my team.

  • RadioShaq
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    62.5 is the number when using the formula it just translates to 5 in game if on 100 team chem.
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