Things I wish to see in FIFA 22 PRO-CLUBS!

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Before I begin,
I'd like to say thank you to the EA team for the marvelous and incredible work they are doing, they continue to deliver each and every year with a more polished game for everyone.
Well as we all know, creating a realistic football experience through a video game is extremely difficult but FIFA has come pretty close to it after years and years of development.

These are just a few things, I'd love to see in FIFA 22 in regards to PRO-CLUBS

- Ranked Drop-in Matches (Maybe use the same division engine?)
- Reconnection ability after disconnection or ability to join in second half
- Ability to CONTROL MATCH TIME-LENGTH for friendly matches
- Improved Skill Tree system
- More customization (why did only Volta receive such attention?)
- Bug fixes (Jersey does not change properly pregame selection)

I believe pro-clubs can reach new heights if these things can be implemented!

Victor S.
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