For anyone hates squad battles: Do 2 icon swap, Alessandrini, Tavernier and Atal at the same time

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Basically starting 11 Brazil Silvers or UCL Argen. and sub on a English defender and a French mid. 5 objectives can be done at the same time. I don't like playing squad battles but I have no problem if it takes 7 games to get 2 tokens and 4 player tbh. (2 Atals). Besides, 7 matches is really just 3.5 matches. Score 6-0 in the 1st half and do sth. else. I know Ale. and Tav. takes a few more matches but I have them done in Rivals without forcing anything.

Just a heads up for anyone don't feel like playing squad battles.


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    When you do Brazil Silvers you can also do the Silver Beasts objectives at the same time...sub on a Silver TOTW
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